Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Special Guest Race Report: Lansingman Turkey Trot 5k

Nick at Turkey Trot

I am very excited and pleased to bring you another guest race report. This one is for the Lansing Turkeyman Trot and was written by Nick, who is a 9 year old running friend of mine. 

He may only be 9, but he already has an impressive running resume. He runs with the club at his elementary school, and as a 1st grader he ran 75 miles in 6 weeks to join the 75 Mile Club. This year, as a 2nd grader, he did 100 miles in 6 weeks and joined the 100 Mile Club. He has run four 5k races, including two Lansingman Turkey Trots. His 5k PR is 22:36. He has competed in the Michigan Mile three times and has a mile PR of 6:20 (at 8 yrs old!).  He comes from a running family, as you can see from the pictures below. 

I ran a race called the Turkeyman Trot. I ran by myself. I lined up with my dad and big sister, Anna. But I knew I was faster than them so once we started I found people that looked about my pace to run behind.

My grandma and grandpa and my sister Lauren were all cheering for me.

Grandma and Grandpa cheering for Nick

Lauren cheered this year. She'll get 'em next year!!

At 2 miles I saw the clock and it said 16:28.  I was happy because I knew I only had one mile left.  I saw the finish line, but it seemed far away. I picked it up a little bit, but I was tired. As I got closer I got excited and ran even faster. I got the time that I wanted. My time was 23:57.  I found my grandma and grandpa and then my mom. Then we cheered for my dad and sister.

Dad and Anna heading for the finish

I like running and I hope you do too.

Nick, with his family of runners

Thanks, Nick, for sharing your race report with us!


  1. Great race report, Nick! And great job on your running! You are sure to be a speedy runner when you are older.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next local 5k. I'll be finishing far behind you ;)

    Mrs. Young

  2. I really liked your race report, Nick. Especially the part when you said you got excited and ran even faster even though you were tired. That shows great determination and will help you on future races. You are very fast. Soon you will be running faster than your Mom. I really enjoy running, too. Someday maybe we can race together.

    Geoff Rook

  3. I am so proud of your running and your writing, Nick! I love running with you! Love Mom

  4. Excellent report, Nick! Great job on your race. --Crystal

  5. We are so proud of you,Nick! You ran a wonderful race and wrote a great report!

    Love,Grandpa Dave and Grandma Brenda

  6. We are so proud of you, Nick! You ran a wonderful race and wrote a great report!
    Love Granny and Grandpa

  7. Dear Nick, we are so very proud of you. You are an awesome runner and a great writer! We wish we could have been there to cheer you on, but we were there in spirit. Next year, maybe I can walk in the race. We love you so much. Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

  8. Way to go Nick. The next time I'm running and tired as I near the finish line, I'm going to remember your words. Keep up the good work!!!

    Michelle M.

  9. Great job Nick, awesome race! Good luck in your future races!

    Paul N.


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