Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road I.D. Giveaway

Last week an incident happened here in Michigan that reinforced the idea from my previous posting about the importance of having identification when we run. A runner here in Lansing collapsed, apparently of a heart attack, while running on the MSU campus.  He did not have identification, and posts popped up on running groups on social network sites asking if any of us could help in identifying the man, who later died. He was identified as a professor in the chemistry department on campus, but that was several hours later. What a horrible tragedy, compounded by the complication of not being able to immediately identify the man or notify his family.

It is so important for us all to have identification with us, even when we are running in very familiar surroundings. I would like to help with this by offering a free Road I.D. to one of my lucky readers.  To enter the contest, just click on the link below to go to the Road I.D. site. Decide which of the I.D.s would be right for you. Then leave a comment here on this post or on the Facebook page saying “I need a Road I.D….” and the type of I.D. you like best.  The contest will end on midnight October 31, with the winner selected by random drawing on November 1st.  Good luck!!

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  1. I need a road I.D.
    I work at MSU and learned the next day about the death of the chemistry professor. I have been running with my driver's license since, but a road I.D. is much better!
    I would prefer a wrist I.D. Elite in orange, interactive.
    Thanks for organizing this giveaway!

    Claire Vieille

  2. I need a Road ID
    I do not run with any identification but I should since I have an irregular heartbeat which might be useful information in case I am ever found unconscious.
    I prefer a ShoeID
    Thanks for this opportunity!

    Geoff Rook

  3. Happy to have found your blog! I would choose the Slim Interactive. I think the interactive feature that allows updating of info is very helpful, and when I'd asked about security of info in the past, the RoadID people gave me a really detailed answer that gave me confidence in their intent and execution.

  4. I need a Road I.D Shoe Pouch! What a great idea!

  5. I need a Road ID Elite. I had never run with one before this Incident, but it hit close to home on the same trails I run and it gave me a wake up call.

    I asked around and Road ID seems to be the one to get. It was too close to my marathon to get one ordered and to me on time.



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