Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quest for the Buckle Part 2: Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone

This weekend I am off to complete the second 50k in the four 50k Dances with Dirt (DWD) series that I have as a major goal for the year. In case you missed my earlier post, my goal this year is the coveted Boned, Bloodied, Burned, and Bruised belt buckle. To pick up this little bit of bling, I must complete the four Dances With Dirt 50ks.

I completed the first one in March at Green Swamp, Florida. It was a disaster, with me walking the last 16 miles because of an IT band injury. I am hoping for redemption at this weekend's run. Notice I did not say "race." That is because I will not be "racing" here. I will be attempting to complete the distance without further irritating my nearly-healed IT band. 

Each one of the DWD races has a different character and a different challenge. DWD Gnaw Bone is known for two things: hills and mud. Here is the course profile:

Highlights of the race include a stretch down the center of a stream and a free-for-all down a ski slope (make your own trail). There is also a relay going on at the same time that gets pretty wild and crazy. For a taste of what the race is like, take a look at the video below:

Gnaw Bone, Indiana, where this race takes place, is too far to drive to the morning of the race. That means another running road trip. Because of the logistics of traveling with our menagerie (2 dogs, 2 cats, and a parrot), my husband and loyal crew member, has decided to sit this one out.

I was heading off to Gnaw Bone solo when my good friend Leslie, who is always up for doing something crazy, decided that she could come too and run the half marathon.  Awesome! Now we have a girls' camping and running road trip. Too much fun!!

So, tonight I am loading up my little car Katie with our tent, camping gear, and running gear. We hit the road bright and early tomorrow morning for our running adventure.  We will be camping at Raccoon Ridge with a bunch of other DWD crazies. The race is Saturday. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. A crazy great time! Plenty of hills, shoe sucking mud and rivers to navigate. Congrats to Lori for totally rockin' it out on the 50K course to an age group win!


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